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Saver of Cow. Goddess of non-violence, Gitaben was born at Jabalpur in Madyapradesh on 30th June, 1957, She lost patron of hear parents at the age of three. She was taken to Mumbai, her maternal uncle for her nourishment and study. She started study in the St. Xaviers of Mumbai and completed her study of M.A. also in that college.

Detender of cow. Gitaben had much affection towards dumb lives. The passion was converted in to passion and since then she determined that something should be done for dumb lives.

She got married with Bachubhai Rambhiya, resident of Ramania village of Kutch at the age of 20. Marriage life was beginned at ramania village and started activities for compassion of lives, they came to Ahmedabad to make the city her field of activities of compassion for lives of Gitaben, Shri Sureshbhai S. Zaveri, President appointed her as an honorary inspector for saving the dump lives going to slaughterhouse illegally.

After her appointment, she started her career, saving five cows on Nov 1984 at Pankornaka in Ahmedabad City, Being successed by this task, enhancement to the pleasure for doing such work. Then after, whenever it occurred to got out at any slaughter house keeping workers together, she always kept hunter. Therefore, people gave her nick name of “Hunterwali Bai”.

Cow saver, Gitaben Rambhiya saved 120 dumb lives in Juhapura area in Ahmedabad in 1987 from being slaughtered. Also she gave danger free life to 197 calves in Dhor Bazar of Kureshi Jamat of Danilimade Area.

Due to such a task slaughters shivered and attack to kill by life were attempted four to five times. In 1989, she gave inspirational force to “Ahinsa Assembly” being together with Sadhu Saints against Ai Kabir Salguther House of Hyderabad City in 1989. Being influenced with such a living modus operandi, Government of Gujarat appointed her as an honorary officer of “Animal Liberation Front” for saving dumb animals.

In 1990, a cycle journey of the entire north India and Nepal was convened with a view to persuade the core of non-violence to each Indian and ignite the lamp of compassion towards live in each home and also to diffuse the non-violence and feeling of compassion towards live not only in Gujarat but also in India. Wherein, five cyclists disseminated for non-violence at village by village and city by city during this journey.

When Gitaben Rambhiya was pregnant in 7th June 1991, she saved 21 calves going to slaughter house in Baherampura area. Having saved these lives, she were immediately admitted to hospital and she gave a birth to a beautiful child. On the seventh day of giving birth to the child, she got information that calves ate going to be slaughtered in Juhapura. On receiving this information, she rushed to slaughter house at Juhapura forthwith and saved 27 calved form being slaughtered. Thus without taking care of his health and body she used to reach for saving dumb lives day and night.

In 1991, by the hand of Mayor of Ahmedabad City in 1991, Gitaben Rambhiya received an award of “Zansi-ki Rani”  

In 27th April, 1992, she succeeded in preventing dumb lives from going to slaughter house by chasing a goods train departed from jodhpur carrying 686 cows and calves. For transporting dumb lives in train towards slaughter house, railway officer was immediately suspended.

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation was catching and killing straying dogs. At that time saver of Cow Gitaben Ramabhiya filled a case in Gujarat High Court in 1992 and brought prohibition for killing straying dogs.

Lastly on 27th August 1993, she was cruelly killed by slaughters while she coming back, saving six lives of calves and putting theme in Panjra Pole in the periphery of Astodia Police Station. Due to her murder, a feeling of deep grief was circulated.

There was such an influence of martyrdom of saver of cow, Gitaben Rambhiya that the entire Gujarat State kept voluntarily closure for three days and Ahmedabad city kept constant five days voluntary closure. Worship and Archana were conducted for the peace of her soul in temple and Derasar.

After martyrdom of saver of cow, Gitaben Rambhiya, the then Gujarat Government passed a draft for bringing prohibition on slaughter of the entire decadence of cow, unanimously in Gujarat Vidhan Sabha on 25th September 1993. This also echoed in the neighbor state Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharastra. There is downright prohibition on slaughter of decadence of cow.

Gitaben Rambhiya Saved more then 1.65.000 dumb lives from going to slaughter house going illegally during her life time and has given danger free life and also more than 25000 sick birds – animals are diagnosed and treated. Saver of cow, Gitaben Rambhiya also did tasks for women development and women awareness apart from compassion to lives, She, therefore was also called “Social Worker.”

On 26th September 1993, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation Made a “Martyr Mounment” at C.N. Vidhyalay, Ambawadi in Ahmedabad.

On 14th August 1994, by the hand of Smt. Manca Gandhi immortal martyr Gitaben Rambhiya was given “Marnottar Shaurya Chandrak” (Medal for bravery after death) at Mumbai.

In 1997, Jain Community at Mumbai also bestowed “Ahinsa Ratna” (jewel for non-violence) Award to the saver of cow, immortal martyr Gitaben Rambhiya.

On 30th October 1999, Animal Welfare Board of India, Chennai (Government of India) gave “Prani Mitra Award” (award for animal friend) by the hand of Governor Sundarsinhji Bhandari to Gitaben Rambhiya and Rambhiya Family was honoured.

Apart from these also, many voluntary organizations, several communities bestowed their tribute to the martyrdom of cow saver Gitaben Rambhiya by giving award and letters for honour by their own way.

Saver of cow, Gitaben Rambhiy’s entire life was full of simplicity. She had only two pairs of wearing clothes. And while it happened to go the nearer slaughter house for raiding she used to go on foot and while it occurred to go remote, she used to go by auto rickshaw on hire. She was inclined to the thoughts of Mahatma Gandhiji. She adopted a maxim of “Ahinsa Parmo Dharma” (non-violence is the extreme religion) and “Simplicity is the life”.
Month Dog Cow Pegieon Monkey Snake Peacock Eagle/Kite Cat Other Total
April 393 11 265 12 7 2 34 42 97 868
May 305 8 177 21 8 3 31 44 71 668
June 270 11 98 13 13 10 19 34 41 509
July 314 9 99 23 28 4 14 39 77 607
August 345 15 65 16 17 8 11 31 47 565
September 353 17 112 15 6 16 11 14 38 582
October 409 13 110 21 21 4 10 29 5 622
November 329 8 55 9 3 2 5 21 4 437
December 579 9 40 9 3 1 13 24 11 689
January 627 18 202 13 1 7 52 18 25 963
February 579 3 64 18 1 5 27 22 19 738
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