2015-16 Gitaben

Saving Animals, going towards slaughter house :
With help of police, Trust is actively involved in protecting animals going towards slaughterhouse.

Cow was saved going towards slaughter house. All the legs were tied so tightly that they can't even move them properly.
Cattles were transported in the trucks and they are kept in such a manner that they can't even move or they can't take the breath properly.
These are some cattels which were died in the truck because of no air and no food during their transportation to slaughter house while shifting them in panjrapole for shelter.
Unfortunately we can't able save this animals but we have caught and stop there meat to be sell and transfer them in local market of Ahmedabad.
This camel was saved during bakri Eid. This camel was brought to cut in the name of BALI TO GOD but it was saved by our trust.

Giving free treatment to street animal :
Trust provides treatment to ill street animals, provides one time milk and khichadi to street dogs, and provides water resources for animals and birds.

We have fully equipped Ambulance with a veterinary doctor for providing free treatment to street animals.
Our volunteer holding injured monkey for giving him a treatment as he was burnt due to high voltage electric current.
Our volunteer and doctor giving treatment to injured puppy.
Someone has thrown acid on cow and cow was blooding badly our doctors and our team reach the place and gave full treatment to cow and shifted to panjrapole for further treatment.
This little angle was badly beaten by dogs but it was saved by our doctors and released safely after her recovery.
His owner thrown him in the road but we have taken it and released it in a river.
Our miracle boy little calf born without a nose but unfortunately he was died after 4 days of delivery.
Giving treatment to injured peacock by our doctor.

Saving birds' campaign from 14th to 17th January :
During utrayan time it is most often seen that speechless creatures get wounded with kite flying threads. Our trust provides treatment to those birdsand animals.

White burn owl was injured by the thread used in uttrrayan festival.
White Ibies was injured by the thread used in uttrrayan festival.
Saras Crane was injured by the thread used in uttrrayan festival. It was rescued from a village in kheda.
Vulture was injured by the thread used in uttrrayan festival. This birds are very less in Ahmedabad.
Peacock was injured by the thread used in uttrrayan festival. Which was rescued by our volunteers.
Saved Injured Eygipician vulture during our Save birds Camp in uttrrayan festival throughout Ahmedabad.
Eagle cut his wings when he was flying in her own sky. Due to usage of MANGA with more mirrors and specially Chinese Thread.

Rescuing snakes from Ahmedabad city :

Snake was caught, rescued and released in the forest.
Our volunteer releasing cobra snake in a forest.
Our volunteer with a Rat snake.